Important Measures for Implementing PoSH at Workplaces | HR Meet-Up | Part I

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Lawcubator collaborated with IndiQube to conduct a special session to give industry experts a platform for discussing and promoting ‘PoSH Implementation’ as a powerful tool for building a safe and healthy workplace. 

This unique interaction, conducted on the 4th  of March, 2020, spanned over two sessions, each dealing with a complex aspect of PoSH Implementation. The event was graced by the presence of Sumalatha and Megha Matoo from MediAssist, Sreeja Chandran from Axiobio,  Kawaljeet and Swati from GetMega, Umair Mujib from Chancery Pavilion, Sangeeta Mukherjee from the Kondoor Foundation, Mubarak Begum and Pavithra from Kristal Al, Ravneet Kaur from Urban Ladder, Shruthi Kishore from LCT Law Offices and Clinton Joseph from FormulateIP. 

The first session began with intense deliberations over the best practices that can be adopted to spread awareness amongst the employees for fabricating a safe and empowered workplace. Here are the key takeaways: 

  • Foremost, awareness sessions on prevention of sexual harassment – at the time of induction and throughout the year as refresher classroom programs – must be effectively inculcated into the workings of a workplace. To ensure that training provided here is effective, the instructor must ensure that the awareness session is not taken lightly.          


  • Pre-training and post-training assessments offer a deeper insight to the efficacy of the aforementioned training and as such, it can help identify those who may require additional guidance. 
  • It has been proven, time and again, that focused group discussions are one of the most effective tools when it comes to familiarizing people with new concepts. Such dialogue between peers gives a better understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment  and where to draw the line. 
  • Another important tactic is the usage of relatable, commonplace examples, especially those drawn from Bollywood movies which make sensitive information more palatable and help people in understanding their biases. It is easy to connect the dots through modern examples with the added benefit of keeping the audience engaged. 
  • Positive reinforcements are very much required to help people change their mindset and behaviour when it comes to the stigma around sexual harassment. A simple way to achieve that is by way of visual media like screensavers, posters, etc. and refresher trainings.
  • Lastly, it is vital that people sensitize themselves to sexual harassment at the workplace and the prejudice surrounding their opinion. PoSH is just another vertical of organisations and it is encouraging to see things progress from it being non-existent to employees getting training and having a confidential quasi-autonomous redressal mechanism in place. Although the fear and stigma still exists, people are slowly coming out and talking more liberally about any harassment they are facing.
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