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DOs & DON’Ts To Prevent Online Sexual Harassment

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As we know, Prevention of sexual harassment policy is not merely limited to the physical office premises, but includes virtual workspaces too.  Lets reiterate the role of professional ethics necessary to make the online work experience safe and secure.


  • Respect and adhere to the office working hours;
  • All meetings to be conducted within the official working hours;
  • For all office-related communication, use the communication tool offered and recommended by the company;
  • Use decent words and language, which is comfortable to all, during all communications, be it emails, texts or online conferencing;
  • Carry  a professional attire during video conferences;
  • Use proportionate modes of communication. For example, do not ask for a video call, if a simple text message or email can resolve the issue. 

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  • Crack personal jokes or pass remarks that may be perceived as unwelcome by your co-worker;
  • Use whatsapp or other social media platforms for any work-related communication;
  • Share any inappropriate and unsolicited content of sexual nature on any company platforms; 
  • Text or call your co-workers beyond office hours; 
  • Use indecent, inappropriate or informal languages, slang terms or gestures.

Note any unwelcome verbal or non-verbal act taking place on your company platforms, which amounts to sexual harassment can be reported to Internal Committee of your organisation.

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